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We handle all kinds of jobs in and around your business or home. Our services can be adapted to the customers’ needs. Our handyman service performs the work after an appointment (by phone or email). If the customer wants us to come regularly (daily, weekly or monthly) to perform routine work, it is also possible.


Does the walls of your room need to be refreshed with a new coat of paint? All your orders are executed with the utmost care. We only work with the best painting materials to achieve a perfect result.


Our professionals are specialized in the restoration of all your interior and exterior joinery. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions.


Our handymen also focus on the construction and maintenance of the sanitation, heating and water pipes. A leak is quickly solved.


The flooring is an important element in the design of your home or office. Our craftsmen are specialized in placing carpet, laminate or vinyl. We give you expert advice and try to find the best solution.


Our professionals does all your electrical work. We are responsible for the construction and maintenance of your electrical installations.

Lexdries also does the supplying of firms. The jobs are varied. This can range from resupply food and drinks to replenish the paper in the printers.

Moving is a job where many hands are needed. We offer the best service for internal displacement. You can also contact us to empty basements. We come with a large trailer and we take away what is not needed anymore.

We also do all kinds of cleaning work. We are responsible for cleaning carpets and office chairs. And if you've had to deal with a leak or flood, we are happy to help.

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